Care of Product


The leather and all the materials used are carefully selected and expert craftsmen carry out the work by hand. Any imperfections, creasing, shading, or irregularities in the leather are to be regarded as natural features of the product. The following recommendations are general guidelines for maintaining the longevity and durability of the footwear. Aminah Abdul Jillil declines any responsibility for the instructions stated herein, each customer shall be held individually responsible. To request assistance with repairs or maintenance, please be sure to have the original proof of purchase or your order number. We ask that you also provide a photograph of the product, the defect, and the bottom of the shoe.


We recommend preserving the product in ideal conditions. The space should be dry, clean, ventilated, and positioned away from heat sources, direct sunlight and electrically produced light. It is best to keep the footwear in the designated dust bags that come with the product. We advice against placing the product in direct contact with other leather or fabric items to ensure that the crystals and embroidery remain well protected. The instructions in this guide are useful for removing small amounts of dirt. For a thorough cleaning, we suggest contacting a specialized laundry service. Aminah Abdul Jillil does not assume any responsibility for any damage caused.


It is only natural that the shape of the shoe changes over time. Aminah Abdul Jillil footwear molds to the shape of the wearer's foot and may change shape further as a result of long-term and prolonged use. Leather has a natural tendency to wrinkle and crack over time. To prolong the elasticity and maintain the shape of the shoes, it is best to stuff them with tissue paper when not being worn.


The soles on Aminah Abdul Jillil footwear are made of smooth, delicate materials. Therefore, it is normal that they wear down with use. This is not a manufacturing defect, but a completely natural process.

LAMINATED OUTSOLES: The black, red and various colorful soles of the shoes are achieved through an elaborate laminating procedure. These laminates wear down during normal use and the consequent visibility of the sole base color is to be considered a natural characteristic of the product and not a defect. To remove a small amount of dirt, we recommend using a soft cloth dampened with water.

RUBBER OUTSOLES: To clean rubber outsoles, it is best to use a neutral degreaser and a soft cloth, being careful not to allow the cleaning product to come into contact with the upper. For a thorough cleaning, we suggest contacting a specialized laundry service.


Suede is one of the most delicate leathers and it may have small color variations due to rubbing or prolonged exposure to natural or artificial heat and light sources. By nature, suede is prone to irreparably losing texture and color over time. Prolonged contact with moisture water or other liquids can also cause staining. The coloring may rub off on skin, light colored fabrics and upholstery. To remove small amounts of dirt, we recommend using a soft bristle brush. If the shoe has come into direct contact with water, wait for it to dry then proceed with cleaning. Refrain from using leather-specific products. Aminah Abdul Jillil does not assume any responsibility for any damage caused.


By nature, satin is a very delicate fabric, which is why we advise against contact with sharp or rough objects that can cause tearing or small rips in the fabric. It is also important to refrain from contact with liquids and rain, and from prolonged exposure to heat sources and natural or artificial light in order to prevent staining. To remove a small amount of dirt, we recommend using a soft dry cloth. Refrain from using cleaning products made specifically for leather. Aminah Abdul Jillil does not assume any responsibility for any damage caused.


An item is deemed faulty if it has been received by you in imperfect condition.

We do not consider wear and tear to be a fault;  or damage from wear to be a fault.

To return a faulty item to us, you should contact our Customer Services Team with the following information.

- Your proof of purchase/order number
- A short description of the fault
- Supporting images

Contact details:

Our Customer Service Team will be in touch to advise the next steps.

All items that are returned as faulty or damaged are thoroughly inspected by our quality control experts to deem whether an item is faulty or whether it is fair wear and tear. We may be able to offer to repair your item but please note that repairs are not guaranteed and may be chargeable.

If in the rare event that your item is found faulty due to a design error, we may be able to replace your item. Replacements are subject to availability and we ask that you state you would like this option at the time you request a return.

AMINAH ABDUL JILLIL guarantees its products for 1 year from the date of purchase. The warranty covers only items that present a manufacturing fault, and does not cover damages arising from dye transference, accident, wear and tear or misuse, or from any alteration.

Please note that some styles may be irreparable depending on the materials used and the age of the product, and that repairs may be chargeable.